My Webinars

Good news for potential collaborators!

Here are the list of my webinar topics if you wish to offer my sessions to your clients and prospect.

Each webinar topic follows the following format.

  • Duration: 1 ~ 1.5 hours
  • Includes at least one (1) hands on exercise during the session
  • Includes slides presentation (PDF version will be made available after the session)
  • Post webinar quiz available upon request
  • Suitable for both moderated and non-moderated session
  • Customization for in-house will require prior notice
  • Webinar can be conducted on client’s preferred platform

Please inform at least one (1) week in advance on your preferred date and time slot.

Webinars Conducted


List of My Webinar Topics

IKIGAI: Sense of Purpose

“Ikigai” is a Japanese concept that can be applied to your daily routine as an orientation to achieve a sense of purpose for a more fulfilling life.

The concept encourages self-assessment on key areas, namely:

  • What you love doing
  • What you are good at
  • What you can be paid for
  • What the world needs

Having a clear ‘ikigai” will definitely make you excited to jump out of bed every morning!


KAIZEN Mindset: Make Continuous Improvement a Lifestyle

“Kaizen” is often translated as “Continuous Improvement” with some elaborated framework to make sense of a simple behaviour of improvising a handy solution to solve trivial problems in manufacturing.

However, what most people don’t realise is that this continuous improvement mindset is very powerful.

Come and learn how you can create a big impact to your life with micro actions on a daily basis.

Key Contents:

  • The Golden Rule of Kaizen
  • Success = Easier + Better + Faster+ Cheaper
  • A Better You Roadmap


Time-Discipline for Attention Management Success

We are all given 24 hours a day – nothing more, nothing less. However, as we shift gears into career mode, many realise that 24 hours seems to not be enough.

With more and more things requiring our attention these days, the challenge in achieving our desired results lies within our own “Time-Discipline”.

Come and learn how you can increase your capability in “Time-Discipline” and manage your attention better for greater success in work and life.

Key Content:

  • Quick “Time-Discipline” Audit – Zoom in to where you need help the most and get to work on it!
  • The Seven (7) Components of “Time-Discipline”
  • Build Wining Mini-Habits Successfully
  • My “Time-Discipline” Action Plan


Having a GROWTH Conversation

It is in the natural human nature to desire a sense of achievement. But most often than not, we highlight the wrongs more than the rights.

This topic elaborates:

  • The GROWTH conversation framework for development
  • Identifying the right moments for a GROWTH conversation
  • A quick way to jump start a GROWTH conversation



When people talk about producing quality results, they talk about doing work with passion. However, passion alone does not guarantee sustainability – for that we need to build momentum.

This topic discusses:

  • Critical elements to spark passion
  • Understanding momentum triggers
  • Quick wins for future implementation



The quality of leadership is often determined in the choices made. A simple yet uncommon understanding of differentiating facts from assumption can make or break a team.

This topic explores:

  • The fine line between separating facts from fiction
  • A quick go-to formula to clarify assumptions
  • Methods to make fast decisions


Deliberate Practice and Mini Habits: Go From Zero to Hero

We are faced with an inevitable challenge of a new norm that is unprecedented.  However, the good news is, we now have the opportunity to build for a new and better future. The question is, will we take up the challenge?

This topic shares insights on:

  • The Critical Filter: Your Worst Enemy
  • The concept of developing new positive mini habits
  • Practise deliberately: What you can do slow, you can do faster